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World AIDS Marathon
World AIDS Marathon


Invite Richard to Speak

Richard has spoken at Georgetown University, NYU, University of Florida at Gainesville, American University, Georgia Southern State, SUNY at Stony Brook, Pratt Institute in New York, Harvey Milk High School, various AIDS groups and organizations, Mbita and Kisumu, Kenya. Richard has been interviewed on shows hosted by John Walsh, Montel Williams, Dick Clark, Sally Jesse Raphael as well as CNN and Voice of America.

World AIDS Marathoner & wife traveling to Kenya for 10th time

Invite HIV+ brain cancer survivor, marathon runner to speak at your school or business

  -How is it I’m surviving HIV & brain cancer + running marathons? People living with HIV and/or cancer can reverse their aging process. I’m 62 years young. My last 3 marathons have been mu fastest since my cancer diagnosis

  -What is it that I am doing different to beat brain cancer and what special treatments have been keeping me alive? 90% of my doctors thought I would have died between 2004 and 2006?

   -I discuss the book I wrote, Jodi, The Greatest Love Story Ever Told, http://www.trebloon.com, why I wrote the book and why my wife and I are still married.

   -Why my foundation, the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation, http://www.richardmbrodsky.org, exists? Do we really need another AIDS & cancer foundation? Richard M. Brodsky’s Journey of Hope book shows we do.

   -Discuss Brodsky Foundation's top ten stories of 2014, http://conta.cc/1AYfSni  focusing on how we can save and improve the lives of people living with HIV and cancer both in Africa and America.

   •  The 2014 World AIDS Marathon in Kisumu, Kenya and its related Events were attended by over 2,100 people.

   •   321 people including 14 wheelchair athletes registered for the Half/Full Marathon and relay races.

   •   300 children participated in the children’s walk

   •   850+ orphans and caretakers were served dinner at three orphan dinner dances.                       

   •   314 people tested for the AIDS virus. (records for AIDS testing was based on 2011)

   •   300+ volunteers served water, provided medical assistance, organized and served food, directed traffic, registered participants and assisted with timing.

   •   46 men were circumcised which reduces the spread of HIV. (records are based on 2011)

   •   255 orphans were examined by Dr. Richard Sartori, a pediatrician from Garden City Pediatrics, Dr. Julian Howard - Australia, Dr. Alex Hyppolite - Manhattan, + Dr. Benson Bonyo and his team of doctors from Akron, Ohio.

   -How much effect could the Dec. 2004 Mbita, Kenya World AIDS Marathon have had on reducing the number of new HIV cases in Kenya from Dec. 2003 to Dec. 2005? Kenya was one of only two African countries to reduce the rate of new HIV cases from 2003 - 2005. Discuss firsthand experiences from a few of the nine World AIDS Marathons, http://www.worldaidsmarathon.com the Brodsky Foundation has sponsored or co-sponsored.

  -Why did the Foundation spend thousands of dollars in 2006 to transport runners from all over Kenya, provide free room & board to runners who could not afford the 75 cent registration fee, sponsor a free concert, feed 500 orphans & provide $1,000 prize money to the fastest runners?

  -Why do we keep returning to Kenya and how the Event is growing every year?

  -It’s not just about a marathon. The Foundation has also sponsored 18 orphan dinner dances for 6,250+ Kenyan orphans. Doctors from Australia, America and Kenya have treated 691 orphans and how we saved the lives of 250+ Kenyan orphans


Dr. Sartori of Garden City Pediatrics examining one of hundreds of orphans he has examined since 2011.

Orphan dinner dance at Kisumu Impala Sanctuary, November 30, 2013

 World AIDS Day, 2009... 250 children participated in the Children's Walk to greet the marathon / half-marathon runners at the finish.

Mama Sarah, President Obama's grandmother, far right, waving the Kenyan flag signifying the start of the 2008 Kisumu, Kenya World AIDS Marathon

   -Why has President Obama’s grandmother been involved with the World AIDS Marathon since 2008?

  -Says Mike Polansky, Pres. of the Greater Long Island Running Club, after the 2010 5K AIDS / Cancer Run / Walk in America, ‘There is no harder working team of race directors on Long Island than Richard and Jodi Brodsky.” We have donated $72,000+ in cash & toys to children living with pediatric cancer at Steven and Alexandra Cohen Children's Medical Center of New York, South Nassau Communities Hospital and numerous other organizations over the past 8 years. We’ve also donated $69,000 in cash & toiletry gift items to Long Islanders living with HIV or cancer. How is it that there is only one AIDS run or walk on Long Island and it is sponsored by my Foundation?

  -Why the Foundation sponsor 5 FREE Run / Walks for HIVers, Cancer Survivors & friends. If you do a google search for 5K AIDS, why does the Brodsky Foundation’s 5K AIDS Cancer Run Walk in America appear as #1?

  -How is it that President Barack Obama wrote me four letters wishing me success and why I think he may revisit his grandmother in Kisumu, Kenya on World AIDS Day, 2015?

 -Discuss the Foundation's current project by helping people stop smoking and with the money saved, they can sponsor or co-sponsor an orphan dinner dance for hundreds of orphans


The Richard M. Brodsky Foundation, Inc. is a registered 501(c) (3) public charity.

(c)2005 Richard M. Brodsky Foundation

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