Letter of Support From Stephen Lewis:

Dear Richard: Allow me to offer both congratulations and encouragement for your remarkable initiative in sponsoring the World AIDS Marathon. December 1st is obviously the right day, and I assume that the eyes of Kenya will be upon you. Your own struggle with health is widely honoured, and that you should have plumbed the depths of personal strength to advance the battle against AIDS, is a further tribute.

As it happens, I was in Nairobi last year for the first International Women's AIDS Run. The country was agog with excitement, and messages of prevention and hope poured forth from every community. What you will be doing on World AIDS Day this year, takes the cause several steps higher, and promises to win the attention of Africa and, one hopes, the world.

I wish you every triumphant success. There can be no objective on this planet more worthy than to overcome the pandemic of HIV/AIDS.

All the best,

Stephen Lewis, UN Envoy, HIV/AIDS in Africa.