3 1,000 pair of shoes to Africa and 1,000 pencils, too

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1,000 shoes + 1,000 pencils to Africa


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World AIDS Marathon
World AIDS Marathon


1,000 pair of shoes to Africa
and 1,000 pencils, too!

For just $1 you can send a pair of shoes or running shoes to Kenya. Children’s shoes from the tiniest sizes to adult sizes should be delivered to the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation, 1247 Mara Court, Atlantic Beach, NY 11509, on March 3, 2007 between the hours of 10 AM and noon. For each pair of shoes donated, a $1 donation needs to be contributed to the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation to cover postage charges. I have seen firsthand children as young as five or six years of age running barefoot alongside me during the 2006 World AIDS Marathon. If you want proof, you need only visit the following link,  WAM 2006,  and then scroll down to the fifth picture on the left. I’m the guy in the yellow shirt and I am flanked by 4 running buddies whose ages combined barely equal half my 54 years of age. Even though I have brain cancer and I’m HIV-positive, as long as these guys were keeping up with me there was no way I could quit the marathon that I organized.

I’d like to request that a few volunteers assist me in boxing the 1,000 pair of shoes and then helping me to transport the shoes to the post office. High heel shoes, boots and work shoes will be too cumbersome and costly to ship. We are particularly interested in receiving running shoes since we know that Kenya’s national pastime is running. In addition to the shoes I’d like to request 1,000 pencils. Why Pencils? When I had heard that Kenyan children were being sent home from school because they did not have a pencil, my board members and I realized that we needed to do something to alleviate that problem. In addition, many of these children from the age of six and up would love to have a pen pan to write to in America. If you are interested in having a pen pal please contact Nicole Romich at nbrtweety@gmail.com, and tell her your age, interests, and if you are a boy or girl and if you prefer to write to a boy or girl. Children in America want to help, and so do their teachers. We need to show the children of Africa that they have not been forgotten. Hillary and I will be writing to orphanages in Africa to find pen pals for the hundreds of Americans who have requested pen pals.

While these may seem like small steps towards raising awareness of the plight of the 11,400,000 orphans living in sub-Saharan Africa, it is a step that YOU can make happen with your act of kindness. Imagine, if we can get the youth of America to help the youth in Africa then it can be proclaimed, ‘we are out brother’s keeper’.

For more information about the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation and the 2004 – 2006 World AIDS Marathon and related events the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation has sponsored, please visit the websites, www.richardmbrodsky.org and www.worldaidsmarathon.com. Donations can be made via either website and are greatly appreciated.



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