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World AIDS Marathon
World AIDS Marathon

Who We Support

The Richard M. Brodsky Foundation is committed to not only supporting local AIDS and cancer projects in Brodsky' s home turf, Long Island, New York, through its annual 5k Event, but also has a strong commitment to global AIDS projects through its annual World AIDS Marathon. Brodsky believes there are many facets involved in the HIV illness that need to be addressed. The Foundation also holds true to the fact, that we are aware of other illnesses and believe that only when people from different genres of life come together, we can really paint to a canvas that will evoke an image of hope for a brighter tomorrow

University of Florida Foundation, College of Medicine
Research towards finding a cure or vaccine for AIDS.
Contact: Dr. Maureen Goodenow

International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI)
Research towards finding a cure or vaccine for AIDS.
Contact: Jessica Wiemer

Salzano-Smith Foundation for Brain Tumor Research
Donates money to brain tumor research at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital.
Contact: Peter Salzano

University of Florida Foundation, College of Veterinary Medicine
Research towards finding a cure or vaccine for AIDS.
Contact: Dr. Charles Courtney, Associate Dean for Research

University of California at San Francisco
Research is directed at identifying a novel protein, CAF, secreted by white blood cells that suppresses HIV replication. Its production is associated with long-term survival from HIV infection.
Contact: Jay A. Levy, M.D.

University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine
Research towards improving the immune system in HIV-positive people by studying the effects of dendritic cells on long-term HIV survivors. Investigation of the drug, thaliomide, for boosting immunity for HIV-positive people. Seek to find a cure or vaccine for AIDS.
Contact: Patrick Haslett, M.D.

Leukemia Lymphoma Society
Seeks to find cures for leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma.
Contact: Marty Siederer



Provides direct services to artists living with HIV/AIDS. Works to increase awareness of AIDS through the visual arts, exhibitions, events and publications.

Asian Pacific AIDS Intervention Team (APAIT) of Los Angeles
Provides services to Asian Pacific Islander people with HIV/AIDS, offering everything from housing assistance to counseling, "in language" where possible, and always with sensitivity to the cultural needs of Asians.


PlanetPoz (Little Lambs Project)
Provides homes for Kenyan orphans where they can be educated, fed and loved.
Contact: Janet Feldman

Iac Kaptagat Children's Home Primary School
Assists Kenyan school in constructing 5 new classrooms.

Contact: Philip Maiyo

Women Fighting AIDS in Kenya (WOFAK)
Provides counseling, home and hospital visits, education, advocacy, nutritional guidance, and care for orphans.
Contact: Christine Oyaro

Fish Farming and Related Training and Economic Development in Kenya
For several years Susan has been traveling to Kenya at her own expense, and volunteering her time to train and support local people in fish farming. Susan’s expertise as a fisheries biologist enables her to deliver this program. Funds raised are used to cover the costs of training, materials, the set-up of a micro-credit system and for local assistance to oversee the success of the initiative. In recent years additional economic development programs such as a training center where girls learn sewing through a women’s tailoring co-operative, and a micro-credit program so that fish farmers can buy nets and other supplies, have been added to this project. Provides a nourishing diet, jobs that allow parents to stay at home, and reduce the spread of AIDS.

Contact: Susan Thompson

Kisumu Children’s Foundation Fund.
Provides support for children infected or affected by HIV/AIDS through:

1)     Infrastructure development at a local orphanage, The Young Generation Center, including building of kitchen, dinning hall, bathrooms, and classrooms

2)     Secondary school education for 40 orphans

3)     Developing income generating activities to support orphanages

Contact: Tim Thomas



The Richard M. Brodsky Foundation, Inc. is a registered 501(c) (3) public charity.

(c)2005 Richard M. Brodsky Foundation

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