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World AIDS Marathon
World AIDS Marathon

Letters of Support

Letter from President Barack Obama Obama '08

Letter from President Bill Clinton

Letter from Senator Ted Kennedy

Letter from Town of Hempstead (population 700,000+) Supervisor Kate Murray

Letter from Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy

Letter from Nassau County Executive Thomas R. Suozzi

A number of prominent international and local figures expressed their support of Brodsky and the 2004, 2005 and 2006 Marathons, including South Africa’s Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Then Illinois Senator, President Barack Obama, and perhaps most significantly, the UN Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa, Stephen Lewis, who wrote, “I wish you every triumphant success. There can be no objective on this planet more worthy than to overcome the pandemic of HIV/AIDS” (italics mine).

Brodsky says: "I owe my life to the excellent medical care we have in America. While the future doctors of America, The American Medical Student Association (AMSA), cannot take credit for keeping me alive, they surely can take credit for keeping my story alive.

University of Florida pathobiology professor Dr. Janet K. Yamamoto has also expressed her support for the 2005 Marathon. Dr. Yamamoto, of the University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, created a vaccine for the feline version of HIV – yes, believe it or not there is a cat version of HIV! – which may lead to similar vaccine for humans.


As President of the Gainesville-Hawthorne Trail (FrOGHaT) it is my pleasure to inform you that the Board of Directors has voted to endorse your event and that we are ready to help in anyway we can in making this worthy cause a success.
Tom Stevens, President of FROGHAT


I'm very inspired by the way you have chosen to spend your time on earth. What you are doing are undoubtedly deeds of righteousness, loving kindness and holiness
Rabbi Gershom Sizomu, Uganda


Archbishop Desmond Tutu is delighted to hear of the 2004 AIDS Africa Marathon. He sends his warm wishes for the success of this exciting and challenging event.
Lavinia Browne, Personal Assistant


Harvard Medical School, Dr. Bruce Dezube...Yours is a beautiful message of hope

Nassau County Legislator, Laura Curran - Richard Brodsky's story is one for the ages. This man not only overcame HIV and brain cancer, he also runs multiple marathons and travels annually to Africa to bring nutritious food + health care to children. He is truly an inspiration!


Congressman Thomas R. Suozzi

- I thoroughly wish you all the best in your continuing battle against HIV/AIDS and I commend you for all you’re doing to raise money for a cure.

Town of Hempstead Supervisor Anthony Santino

- Our township is honored to be a part of this important event. We applaud the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation for their selfless dedication to a worthy cause.

Professor Asher J. Matathias, President Long Island Lodge#1353, B’nai B’rith

- May the Almighty grant you good health, much love, and the will to continue your work. You are a beacon for people living with HIV and cancer.

Anton Berzins, Great Neck North High School, school psychologist

- It’s easy to bring out the best in our students when we focus our energies on a worthy cause, and a wonderful human. The kids see your generosity, kindness, and perseverance, and respect that.

Mike Polansky (President of the Greater Long Island Running Club)

- There is no harder working team of race directors on Long Island than Richard and Jodi Brodsky.

Reverend Wanda Meyers, Living Hope Fellowship of Massapequa

- I pray God’s richest blessings upon you as you continue to make a difference in the lives of others. You have certainly made a difference in mine.

Mayor Jean Celender, Village of Great Neck Plaza

 - I wish to commend Richard on his remarkable journey to encourage people living with HIV and cancer to live healthy productive lives. You are inspiring many and making a difference in the fight for a cure.

Jerry S. Larrichiuta, CSEA President of Local 830 Nassau County

- Richard Brodsky is an unbelievable champion for those who suffer from illnesses such as AIDS and cancer. Support his cause, he is the real deal.


****prize-winning letter published in The Standard… Nairobi, Kenya ****
Let’s support Aids marathoner

When life hands you a lemon," so the dictum goes," make lemonade out of it." This line of wisdom clicked in my mind immediately I started reading the article "NYC marathoner runs for Kenya" by Betty Kemunto in New York. It is a case of juggling with one’s pride, altruism and a display of exceptional character which is hard to come by today. Yet, the couple has decided to take the bull by the horns and try to make some good out of a bad situation. However, one question begs an answer: will their efforts of creating awareness bear any fruits?

Awareness of the disease has been drummed into mankind’s head but still there is minimal behavior change. It’s like AIDS has already lost its scare value. Thus, our red light streets are still as vibrant as ever, irresponsible sex - even with minors, continue to dominate; incest, fornication, homosexuality...the list is long.

But a prophet is coming. It is said that a prophet is not recognized in his homeland. Richard Brodsky (read AIDS prophet) is flying from his homeland for a purpose - to continue with the awareness that is slowly sliding to oblivion. Are we going to heed his call or despise his noble efforts?

-Michael Nyagah Mainge, Nakuru, Kenya


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